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Corporate Quitter To Entrepreneurial Meteor – Gabby Ianniello

Gabby Ianiello – The Corporate Quitter and Entrepreneurial Meteor

Stuck in the Corporate Zoo, and pulled up all roots and jumped in to Podcaster, Content Creator and Entrepreneur.  She is 6 months into her journey of the WILD World of Entrepreneurship, and she is on a Meteoric Ascent into finding herself, her niche and ultimately where she will find true happiness and success.  She has not only quit, but moved withing the US to Texas from NY

She jumped out of a plane and looked for her wings and parachute on the way down YOLO! And is ‘throwing spaghetti against the wall’ through her popular podcast and talked about the Omni channel approach for getting awareness of you and your brand.  Social media, podcast, video, affiliate marketing, sponsorships.  She found that sharing her vulnerability made her accessible to her audience and has gained a following looking forward.  Sometimes we “show” ourself as a success while we struggle with imposter syndrome and anxiety.  Embracing optimism and perseverance when rolling through the safari of business ownership, helps clear the path to eventual success.  You definitely need to listen and follow her journey, because she is ON FIRE!  Gabby Meteor is on the RISE.

Gold Nuggets

1.      Starting out, you need to let go of some habits filling time with activities that don’t move your forward and manage your time for success.

2.      Quitting is not giving up – which is something you need to recognize the differences.

3.      Selling yourself on REAL You will be better

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