The Small Business Safari

95: Exploring Epic Vacations, Military Tales, and Home Remodeling Journeys | Dan Weidmann

Dan Weidmann shares his journey from studying Aero Astro Engineering to working in the military and eventually becoming a lawyer. Dan's transition to joining his brother's remodeling company in Atlanta adds another twist to the conversation. With laughter, intriguing stories, and unexpected turns, this podcast episode is an entertaining adventure you won't want to miss. […]

92: Back to Basics: Building a Successful Business with the Right People and Processes

Brad Yoho discusses the importance of having the right people and processes in place for successful business operations. They boys delve into the challenges of finding talented individuals and implementing effective sales processes. The conversation highlights the need for companies to focus on a back-to-basics mentality when it comes to sales, including presenting value and […]

89: Multi-Industry Venture Capitalist Breaks Down Process Building & Sales Automation | Shawn Gervais

We sit down with venture capitalist, Shawn Gervais, who has excelled in numerous industries, including printing, marketing, mobile communications, auto services, and software development. With his unstoppable entrepreneurial spirit, ingenious strategies for streamlining processes, and forward-thinking embrace of technology, Shawn's story is packed with invaluable insights for any small business owner. Did you know our […]

Building Multiple Businesses in a Blue-Collar Industry | Seth Lewis

On this episode of the Small Business Safari, we welcome Seth Lewis! We are back and ready to rock and roll, bringing you more energy and even more gold nuggets to help you take your business to the next level. Seth is a blue-collar guy who has made it big in the home services industry. […]