The Small Business Safari

112: Are Leaders Born or Trained? – Ron Reich

Alan and Chris interviewed Ron Reich who brought his deep background in large company leadership and culture training to the pod! We talked about an early boss that had seen more in Ron than Ron saw in himself, and that belief propelled him to achieve more. The leadership set by a company should be set […]

111: Growing Small Business E-Commerce Brands | Tyler Jefcoat

Tyler Jefcoat has found his $100 million dollar niche! Tyler is the Founder and CEO of Seller Accountant, a company specializing in financial coaching for e-commerce sellers generating over $100 million in annual sales. Did you know our amazing voices can go beyond just the microphone? Yes, we have video! Subscribe to our YouTube channel […]

110: Adults Need Stickers Too: Leadership Lessons with Brian Gottlieb

Alan and Chris talk with Brian Gottlieb who recently sold his companies for $100MM. That’s right 100MM! His secret? He did it through starting with a solid vision statement and then building his team and focusing on execution, sales, and consistent training. This episode explores how Gottlieb executed on those 6 things. Did you know […]

109: Home Remodel Struggles and Million-Dollar Nightmares with Andy Apter

Ready for a heartwarming chat with a man who’s as passionate about revving Dodge Vipers as he is about successful business transitions and remodeling industry? Our guest for the episode, Andy Apter, the president of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), is just that! Moreover, we confront customer service issues that often plague […]

108: Finding a Profitable Niche | Todd Howard

Achieving rapid profitability hinges on discovering a targeted niche that aligns with your capabilities, as it's often said that Niches bring the Riches! In pursuit of this objective, Todd crafted a comprehensive framework designed to guide you in not only identifying a lucrative niche within a marketplace but also in establishing dominance within it.His journey […]

107: How to Successfully Exit Multiple Businesses | Dominic Rubino

Dominic’s journey began during high school at the Yo HO HO lighting company, followed by a transition into ownership of a painting business. He subsequently transformed into a seasoned business coach with a wealth of experience, having not only owned and operated businesses himself but also successfully exited multiple ventures. This unique background places him […]

104: Using Biology to Change Mindset Momentum | Don Markland

Executive Coach Don from Accountability Now dropped in to talk mindset and sales to find growth and happiness. People feel CONFIDENCE and if you bring it to your company you can create a culture that people want to not only be part of… but want to THRIVE IN. Accountability is usually associated with negativity, but […]

103: How to Sell Your Time as a Scarce Resource | Mia Hannah

Imagine pivoting from the corporate world, diving headfirst into the ever-competitive field of real estate, and then navigating the tumultuous waters of a recession, all while emerging victorious with a successful small business. Mia Hannah is now a marketing EXPERT who helps real estate agents and home service providers grow their businesses. Her side hustle […]