69: Should You Own or Lease Your Business Space – Chad Brown

On this episode of the Small Business Safari we welcome Chad Brown! Brown started out in banking and enjoyed the numbers behind the work, but the relationships and helping others is what got him charged up. His career in banking started where he was the decision maker. He became quickly disillusioned with the banking world, […]

Does your Online Reputation Reflect Your Offline Reputation? – Tracy Moore

On this episode of the Small Business Safari we welcome Tracy Moore! She joins the guys and shares some wine and some Great “Tasting Notes” about how to improve your online presence to truly reflect what differentiates you from your competition. Plus, learn how to upgrade your Google My Business page for explosive results. See […]

67: Finding Success through Painting and Persistence – Wayne Scherger

On this episode of the Small Business Safari we welcome Wayne Scherger! Wayne tells his story on how he went from just painting as a summer job to being offered a franchise from College Pro Painters. This experience launched him into becoming a coach to many small businesses. He also mentions how you can use […]

66: How Successful People Tackle Problems – David Raymond

On this episode of the Small Business Safari we welcome David Raymond! We explore David's  military background and his entreprenuerial successes lead his franchises succeed in the marketplace! He has instilled a culture if people who want to do the best for themselves and the people they serve. Take a listen because we jump in […]

65: On the Hunt for Opportunity! | How Entrepreneurs Take Advantage of It

On this episode of the Small Business Safari we welcome Paul Redman! Paul started his career with a telemarketing job that had an odd start. He then landed a job with Lennox International and had a successful career before making the LEAP to the WILD WORLD of small business! GOLD NUGGETS Watch for opportunity & […]

Corporate Quitter To Entrepreneurial Meteor – Gabby Ianniello

Gabby Ianiello – The Corporate Quitter and Entrepreneurial Meteor Stuck in the Corporate Zoo, and pulled up all roots and jumped in to Podcaster, Content Creator and Entrepreneur.  She is 6 months into her journey of the WILD World of Entrepreneurship, and she is on a Meteoric Ascent into finding herself, her niche and ultimately […]

63: Overcoming a Six-Figure Setback | The Learn-trepreneur

FAILURE IS AN OPTION!  Ryan DeMent of Truvest Capital talks about failing 2X in small business but.. DID HE?. From the ashes of debt, Ryan has risen above, persevered, and never gave up. Ryan talks about finising and his story can help YOU! Let’s get into these GOLD NUGGETS: 1. You can never fail as […]

62: Becoming The Boss Lady | From Corporate to the (Home) Stage

Introducing….THE ENTREPRENISTA! Today, Chris and Alan sit down with boss-lady, Barbara Heil Sonneck of Design 2 Sell. Design 2 Sell was named in the Top 10 Staging Companies in The USA. Much like Chris, Barbara started out caged in the corporate jungle, but over the years has made quite a name for herself in the […]

61: Growing and Scaling Your Business to King Size

Deck Kings,  Bryan Miller and John Gwaltney of Outback Deck for another GOLD NUGGET-filled episode. These guys are the real deal when it comes to growing and scaling a successful business, Outback Deck was even recognized as the CCN(Certified Contractors Network) Contractor of the Year. This episode, John and Bryan are breaking it all down […]