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72: How to Build Your Networth with your Network – Brad Dell

On this episode of the Small Business Safari we welcome Brad Dell! Moving to a new city and taking a shot at starting a business out of a hotel room takes guts. Doing it in Copier Sales is JUST CRAZY! Brad Dell and his partners started Atlanta Office Technologies, building on their experience and complementary skill sets to build a STARTUP in a market where they had no presence. Their persistence and tenacity showed that it CAN BE DONE. 


  • Use Your Competitive Nature to Build That WINNING MINDSET
  • Be Authentic in Your Sales Approach to WIN
  • Network to Build your NETWORTH


More About This Episode

Copier sales is a tough business, its saturated, commoditized and the market is shrinking with the digital age progressing. To WIN and Excel you need to continually be “pulling handles” or cold calling along with using your network to get an introduction. Brad talked about not only asking for the business, but continually following up to make sure you are present when the decision to award business is decided and put yourself in 1st position to TAKE THAT BUSINESS. We discussed that having four competitive people in a business could lead to problems, but they used straight communication and drive to make it successful. 

If you are in the Atlanta Market and have a need for a copier, you HAVE TO CALL these guys and give them a shot, they have an incredible reputation for GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.  Let them come “pull your handle” and let them show you their unique advantage in this market. 


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