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71: How to Launch Your Business to the Stratosphere with Chris Hanks

On this episode of the Small Business Safari we welcome Chris Hanks! Did you know 11,000 businesses are started every hour in the U.S!? That is only one of Hanks's GOLD NUGGETS. We dive into this captivating discussion about leveling up you as a leader and your business. Hanks teaches us to learn the differences between a successful start-up and a not so successful start-up.  Take a listen to how to – not only keep yourbusiness going but – Scale Up!



  • 11k Business are Born Every Hour
  • How to Fight Burnout as an Entrepreneur
  • Courage and Faith Doesn't Help Without a Plan


About Our Guest

Chris is the founder and Executive Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship. He also serves as the Entrepreneur in Residence for theRussell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs (RICE). Prior to this, he was the founder and Executive Director of the entrepreneurship center at Kennesaw State University and the University of Georgia. Before becoming passionate about creating entrepreneurs, Chris was passionate about creating businesses. He has owned multiple businesses, including music, e-commerce, publishing, and export ventures.


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