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70: The Thoughtful Author – C.T. Emerson talks about his Entrepreneurial Journey to Fiction Writing

On this episode of the Small Business Safari we welcome C.T. Emerson! Accountant by day and author by night! Emerson goes into how he followed his dream to be an author. It wasn't easy. He had to pay the bills. Between graduating and getting his CPA he wrote his first real book. He found an untapped niche with a latino hero in a young adult book. C.T. is now in the marketing phase of his book. He is without a doubt making the leap into entrepreneurship!



  • The Business Doesn't Just Come to You
  • Tap into a Niche!
  • Sometimes Planning Takes Too Much Time,  Just Jump in and Work!


About Our Guest

Emerson grew up in Mexico but moved to Tennessee! He then went to Davidson College and later got his masters in accounting. C.T. explored writing a book. He didn’t just let the book come to him, he took the time to build the structure, environment and then develop the characters along with story lines that will allow him to build a franchise out of the series and will publish a series of books. 


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