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67: Finding Success through Painting and Persistence – Wayne Scherger

On this episode of the Small Business Safari we welcome Wayne Scherger! Wayne tells his story on how he went from just painting as a summer job to being offered a franchise from College Pro Painters. This experience launched him into becoming a coach to many small businesses. He also mentions how you can use R.O.T.O.R. to help scale your business along with many different leadership styles to practice!


  • Scaling Means Multiplying Yourself 
  • Starting a Business isn't as Easy as 123
  • The Sales Process is the Key to Success

About Our Guest

Wayne is the GROWTH GURU to small & medium sized comapnies. Over 30 years, he has been coaching entrepreneurs the process of hyper-growth.  As the President of Protect Painters International, he took the already successful business to over $12 Million Dollars in just 4 years. His innovative business leadership and management has help build a rock-solid foundation for other endeavors he took in the future.

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