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63: Overcoming a Six-Figure Setback | The Learn-trepreneur

FAILURE IS AN OPTION!  Ryan DeMent of Truvest Capital talks about failing 2X in small business but.. DID HE?. From the ashes of debt, Ryan has risen above, persevered, and never gave up. Ryan talks about finising and his story can help YOU!

Let’s get into these GOLD NUGGETS:

1. You can never fail as an entrepreneur, you just learn. If you find yourself having one of these “learning experiences”, it’s a good idea to reach out for help, and even enlist a mentor. Need resources? Check out and make it happen!
2. Passion is profit, if you do what you love, money follows! After two failed entrepreneurship attempts, Ryan kept following his passion to help people and has turned his learning experiences into a profitable career.
3. Rebuilding your financials! After a six-figure debt setback, you have to do some damage control which may include returning to corporate, completely changing your line of work, or boosting the ‘ole credit score. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are successful people!

Sometimes the economy is out of our control, sometimes it’s a business plan gone wrong but no matter what you’ll always learn from it. Go find that passion and SCALE up the mountain top of success!

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