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62: Becoming The Boss Lady | From Corporate to the (Home) Stage

Introducing….THE ENTREPRENISTA! Today, Chris and Alan sit down with boss-lady, Barbara Heil Sonneck of Design 2 Sell. Design 2 Sell was named in the Top 10 Staging Companies in The USA. Much like Chris, Barbara started out caged in the corporate jungle, but over the years has made quite a name for herself in the home staging industry. With a business background, Barbara has been able to grow and scale her business, while also generating other niche streams of revenue. Buckle in and take notes as we get into:

  1. Logistics and processes make up most of your business operations! If you master your logistics, you can drive out competitors who don’t know their numbers. In Barbara’s industry, trends, available inventory, and the market can change at the drop of a hat. Staying on top of your logistics keeps small changes from becoming huge business disruptions.
  2. Got more than one passion or idea? Perfect! Having multiple niche revenue streams is a huge part of Barbara’s Success. A current venture of hers involves dog-centered vacation rentals that she has already booked out for months! We’ll drink to that!
  3. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. A business coach can be your secret weapon to escape the dreaded “comfort zone”. More often than not, people know the right thing to do, but need other people to give ‘em a push. Utilizing a business coach can give you the outside perspective necessary to make decisions on pricing, scaling, and marketing.

Become a boss like Barbara! Get inspired and start your quest for success, today!

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