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61: Growing and Scaling Your Business to King Size

Deck Kings,  Bryan Miller and John Gwaltney of Outback Deck for another GOLD NUGGET-filled episode. These guys are the real deal when it comes to growing and scaling a successful business, Outback Deck was even recognized as the CCN(Certified Contractors Network) Contractor of the Year. This episode, John and Bryan are breaking it all down to show you how and why their business works the way it does.

1.Cash flow may be king, but sales is key! If you don’t have sales, there is no cashflow. Outback Deck gives their customer a price and are able to close on the spot! HOW? John and Bryan have developed a proven process that allows customers to make informed decisions without pressure in one visit

2. Creating a brand is what gives your company an identity that is recognizable to others. Market your company according to the work you’d like to do. Outback Deck strategically works on neighborhood HOA building’s decks in areas that that fit their customer profile.

3.Learn to accept the small victories because if you don’t, you likely won’t get far enough to reap the benefit of the big victories. Like deck size, victory size doesn’t matter, big or small celebrate ‘em all!

Use what you’ve learned here and make that leap! Make your good processes into GREAT PROCESSES and celebrate every victory on the way to the TOP!


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