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59: Franchise Your Enterprise | How to Begin

Welcome Adventure Team! Today, Chris and Alan are in studio with Tom DuFore or Big Sky Franchise discussing all things franchising! If you’re looking to franchise or just looking for some potential next steps, this one is for you. Turn that volume up and listen close as the guys explore:
1. Who qualifies to franchise? The 3 things Tom looks for in a potential client include: a profitable prototype, a business model with a national customer base, and the ability to train someone else to execute this business model.
2. Franchising can be part of your exit strategy, but don’t take too big of a step back too soon or it could blow up in your face!
3. Watch your numbers! Tom and other franchising consultants want to work with a business that is accurate and up to date on their numbers. It will make everyone’s life easier in the long run.

Franchising can be a big leap, but guys like Tom DuFore exist to make that transition run smoothly and yield positive results! What are you waiting for? Take the leap of faith!

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