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58: Ensure You’re Sure When You Insure

Hello adventure team and welcome back to another episode of The Small Business Safari.  Today, the guys sit down with Rusty Clifton of Fairway Insurance to pick his brain on what goes into starting, maintaining, and growing an insurance company like he did. From the golf course to the insurance desk, Rusty knows a thing or two that will help you make decisions to benefit your own life or business. Turn that volume up as the guys get into:

1.  Surrounding yourself with the right people makes all the difference in  how your company operates and the service that your customers receive. Rusty says ” I am only as good as the people behind me” and to “find people who support your weaknesses”.
2. Sometimes vacationing can actually help you as a business owner. When you take a vacation and take that step back, you get a clearer picture of what you left behind, what the company looks like without you, and how to proceed from there. (Chris is a huge fan of this technique if you didn’t know!)
3. Rusty explains how often times, the cheapest option for insurance is not always best. At Fairway, he acts as an advocate for his customers because no one (except Rusty) likes insurance and no one likes to pay for it. Rusty uses his skills to ensure that he has created a comfort zone for his customers to trust that he will provide them with the option that will actually benefit them when they need it most, rather than just sell the cheapest option to make a quick sale.

Take a seat and reflect as we gather up some GOLD NUGGETS with Rusty!

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