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54: The “Why” Behind The Small Business Safari | 1 Year Anniversary Special

Welcome to a very special installment of The Small Business Safari! 365 days ago TODAY, Alan and Chris sat down and cracked a beer for the very first episode. This time the guys are reminiscing on:
1. How the podcast began and why the guys felt it was important to share their business experience in an entertaining way to help others in the same position realize their potential
2. How running the podcast has paralleled running a business in terms of startup, feedback, and progression
3. Chris’s trip to Spain, during which Alan tasked him to find the “perfect Paella recipe” to bring home. Did he succeed? Did he fail? Most importantly, what did he learn about friendship along the way?

All this and much more on the 1 year special of The Small Business Safari! Plus, a huge thank you to our supporters who have been with us along this journey to the mountain top of success. Lets keep it going, adventure team!

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