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53: Banks, Beers, and Business

Welcome to this week’s episode of The Small Business Safari. Today, Chris sits down with Jason Sleeman, who is the VP of Craft Beverage Lending for United Community Bank, to talk about one of our favorite topics…beer! Grab a beer from your favorite craft brewery and join us as the guys get into:
1. How Jason followed his passion for craft brewing and combined it with the banking experience he’d already had and now gets to do two things he loves, increase the amount of beer available, and help people start their businesses. Remember, having a good banker helps you have a good business!
2. Forecasting the future possibilities for breweries in Georgia. Plus, the do’s and don’ts when it comes to expenses for a brewery, what’s worth it and what’s just extra.
3. Familiar names! Ever been to Monday Night Brewing in Atlanta…or anywhere else? They would make a great potential client. A  company with character and capacity is exactly the kind of people that bankers like Jason want to help.  Hey MNB and others, if you’re listening to this, keep in mind that you want to have a banker before you need one.

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