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52: When Life Hands You Lawsuits, Make Lemonade(or a New Product)

Welcome back to The Small Business Safari! Chris and Alan are joined once again by father-son duo Ken and KJ Cornwall of ProVent Systems. This week Ken and KJ share some of the GOLD NUGGETS that helped shaped their business, plus:

1.  Ken and KJ are Customer Experience masters, they run their business with the intent to sell the customer something that will make their life better or easier.

2. Unfortunately, life handed Ken and KJ quite a few lawsuits in regard to a faulty product that caused water damage. Now they didn’t make lemonade but they did make a whole new product line and pulled themselves right out of that great big rut.

3. Loving what you do and the customers you do it for makes customer service that much easier.  Ken and KJ find themselves staring at piping in stadiums while at football games, if that’s not loving your job, we don’t know what is!

Kick back with us and enjoy!

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