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51: The Patented Plumber and Son | Meet the Cornwalls: A Father and Son Success Story

Happy Tuesday folks! Today’s episode is very special because today Chris and Alan are sitting down with not one, but TWO guests! Meet father and son, Ken and KJ Cornwall who own and operate ProVent Systems in Lawrenceville, GA.  Ken and KJ take the guys through the story of how  Ken traversed through the plumbing business world and landed himself 50+ plumbing product patents and a company that sells them. Grab a seat(and maybe even paper to take notes)  and listen as the guys get into:
1.  Using leverage and negotiation tactics to get a deal or get out of a bad partnership, especially when you really believe in your product, like Ken!
2.  Some of the huge projects that they have accomplished include the Marriott Marquis, The Ritz Carlton, and Disney
3. The product that started it all! Ken and KJ share the story of the first patented plumbing product Ken developed, which was PVC plastic that replaced a hole in the floor and allowed workers to prefabricate piping runs by serving as a socket.

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