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50: What Can Brand Do for You?

It’s the BIG FIVE-OH! That’s right, this is the 50th episode of The Small Business Safari! Andy Suggs is BACK and still brimming with GOLD NUGGETS. This time, The Man with the Brand is sharing some branding insider tips that you don’t want to miss. Kick back and listen up as the guys get into:

1. Andy walks the guys through an actual branding project/ campaign strategy that he and his team executed for Aaron’s Rent. They even got Mr. T involved in branding their “double A-Team”, and the “double-A” became a repeated feature of their brand recognition. I pity the fool who doesn’t build brand recognition like Andy does!

2. When you pay  someone for their work, you’re not just paying for that 30 minute slot, you’re paying for the learning, training and experience that came prior.

3.  In branding, color can be used to send subconscious memories and provoke certain feelings (think red fast-food logos, hungry anyone?)

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