The Small Business Safari

46: The Man Behind the Scenes Tells All

On this episode of The Small Business Safari Chris is joined by Edd Konopka,  A.K.A. the man behind the scenes. Edd has worn many hats in his career! He started out as a technician, then became Chris’s operations manager for The Trusted Toolbox, and is now in charge of the Home Service Institute and the production of this podcast. Since Edd and Chris go way back, they have seen the companies and each other through some difficult times. The guys look back on how the business has grown and what it took to get there. Then, Edd and Chris dive into company culture and discuss how crucial it is to maintain a positive company culture and weed out toxic employees for the benefit of the group. Lastly, you don’t wanna miss when Chris drops gold nuggets on why employees leave, why they switch jobs, and how that impacts the company involved. Stick around because this one’s gonna be epic!

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