The Small Business Safari

42: Time Management, Self Improvement, and Dammit Dolls in the Small Business World

Welcome to Season 3 of The Small Business Safari! Chris and Alan start off the new season by introducing the brand new summer intern, Rose. As always, the guys are kicking back and giving you some gold nuggets on how to balance work-life with home-life to get that happy medium. This episode is full of real experiences that show how crucial it is to manage your time without driving yourself crazy. Both Chris and Alan dive into what keeps them calm and orderly during a work day and what helps jumpstart a new mindset when they feel stuck in a rut. As Chris says, it is incredibly beneficial to you, your family, and your employees to ensure that you’re in the right headspace for the right setting. Whether its exercise, making checklists, or smacking a Dammit Doll, self-care is necessary to keep you and your business running smoothly. Remember, there is only one you, so take of yourself so you can take care of business. Get excited and tune in for some laughs and gold nuggets as we jump into the safari for the third season!

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