The Small Business Safari

3: Oh How the Tables Have Turned

Time to chop some wood!

The tables have turned and now it’s time to switch to Alan’s story. He was raised in what he described as the worst smelling town imaginable. This was Bellingham, Washington. He had absolutely no business-minded people around him when growing up. But in his family, there were many generations of successful people. He didn’t think that the “successful” part applied to him.

 Fortunately, his parents gave him a whopping $300 dollars to go to college. Once again, he reminds us, he has no business interest whats so ever given the fact he was a Fine Arts major…

 He was able to get a job in college where something sparked! He worked for a lady that owned a small picture frame business. Here he learned a lot about a small business which got him excited. This was just a small stepping stone into what really got Alan passionate about business. Listen to the full episode wherein Chris’s terms Alan finally becomes “Big Daddy”.

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