The Small Business Safari

3: Mini Safari: Oh How the Tables Have Turned

Tables have turned and now the spotlight is on Alan.

Alan’s career path is not linear like most people’s.  He was born in a town that didn’t have too much. Chris makes a good point. You have a nature path and a nurture path. In a nature path, where your family came from is what really motivated you to where you were going. Where you work is your environment. At an early age, Alan realized he had an entrepreneurial mindset. He started work at a picture frame store. If only the owner knew and recognized Alan’s talent, he probably could have kick-started his career. One of the great gold nuggets Chris that may not be surprising but hard to do is “If someone asks you to do something – take that opportunity. You never know what can happen”. Alan eventually works at Enterprise. Go back to see what really set him off to make the leap in the full episode.

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