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21: Reverse Engineer your Success! – Mike Claudio

Do you know what your idea of success looks like?…

Mike Claudio joins us in this episode! He is the owner and head coach of WinRate Consulting. Mike started off in retail corporate America for nine years and then joined his friend in a remodeling business. A lot of the stuff he teaches today he learned while trying to figure things out in that business. Later he found himself in his own business coaching company. Mike is very intentional in every way possible from employing people to building his success. One of the hardest questions he asks his clients is “What does your success look like and how do we measure it?”. Identifying where you want to go is important. If you don’t, it’s hard to take the steps to get to those goals. Chris and Mike also touch on social media. Mike knew if he posted consistent valuable content he knew he would get traction. You need to put yourself out there so your target market knows who you are and what you stand for. There are so many great GOLD NUGGETS in this episode so go ahead and take a listen!

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