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20: Your Toolbox for Scaling – Nabeel Rehman Interview (Vonigo)

Struggling with scaling? Nabeel has the tool for you!

They invite guest Nabeel Rehman, the first employee of Vonigo! The adventure begins when Nabeel gets out of college and started working for IBM. Then he took a quick break and got married. Fortunately, she didn’t mind he didn’t have a job. Shortly after he had the opportunity to take a chance on Vonigo. Vonigo provides business software for service companies. Chris mentions that you don’t need the Ferrari to get where you need to go and that applies to business operations and scaling. You don’t need to design an app or use the best of the best software. Vonigo helped Chris in his business to manage and scale to get it to the next level. Listen to the full episode to hear all the GOLD NUGGETS and we thank Nabeel Rehman for joining us!

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