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20: Mini Safari: Your Toolbox for Scaling – Nabeel Rehman Interview (Vonigo)

Are you running your business like plumber Bob?…

Plumber Bob runs his business with sticky notes! This is his CRM system. Here’s a hint. This is not the way to run your business! Maybe it’s ok but, when you want to scale your business you need a robust system. Last episode Nabeel Rehman talked about scaling a business and Vonigo helps you do that. I have used them for years now and it has helped me reach my goals. But, buying into one of these systems is not the first step. You need really nail down your processes. Once you have that, you can keep track of your jobs and customer relations. We also have a mini guest for our mini-podcast! Michael Deas (helps produce the podcast and creates content for social media) and I touched on Google Drive. We ran into the issue of emailing content. We quickly learned that this is not the best process. So, really nailing down these processes helps you be more efficient in your business and ultimately scale it to get you to that mountain top of success!

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