The Small Business Safari

2: The Leap…

Have you ever thought water bottles were a rip-off?

 Chris picks back up at Anderson consulting. This is one of Chris’s first big jobs. He was swimming with the sharks! These people were high-performing, and he was making good money. Later, Chris discovers he can buy a private island with the kind of money his making. Or can he? He works with various bosses and partners. Chris and Alan highlight their best boss experiences and learned a ton. Alan touches on the fact he had so much fun even though he worked his brains out. But things weren’t so great for long. Chris finally got to a boss that made his life miserable. He finally realized that he really isn’t the king of the jungle like Willie B the gorilla. He got home one night and threw his tie down and told his wife he is through with this job. But Chris didn’t quit yet. There was planning to do…

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