The Small Business Safari

2: Mini Safari: The Leap…

The ups and downs of Accenture…

Even though Accenture wasn’t his final destination, Chris still learned a ton of valuable information. He thought it was one of the best times for him to build his skills. He was swimming with some big sharks. This pressure really made him polish up his edges fast!

Chris goes into detail about the things he learned. One was about diversity. The diversity he meant was the different backgrounds people had in their way of thinking. Chris was the logical engineer. Building on top of that team-building idea, one of the best lessons he learned was you need to be effective with people not efficient. He also touches on branding. Branding is such a massive topic he is going to have an episode later down the road but, he reminds us “it’s just a name and an empty vessel”.

He went from being heavily intoxicated with the money to coming to the realization that this isn’t really what he wants to be doing. Time to hit the entrepreneurial road!

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