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19: Biltong Beef or Franchising? – Craig Jooste

Biltong beef is a staple for Craig Jooste…

Craige Jooste is our guest for this episode! He has a South African background (hence why he loves biltong) but is from Canada! He is the co-owner and CEO of the local HandyMan group. He created the model, brand, and franchising systems. The local HandyMan group is a handyman and home repair home-service franchise that supports their franchises with operations, marketing, and all-around great support. He has built an empire in Canada and is now building in the United States. It is surprising to hear how many challenges there are just to establish your business in the next country over. He has so much experience with operations, marketing, and scaling. He’s all about growing your brand and building for the future. Craig put that perfectly saying, “Actions you take this month should translate into revenue next month”. There are so many GOLD NUGGETS in this one so go ahead and take a listen!

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