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17: All Good Things Come To an End (Season One Recap)

The ultimate guide to season one!

After a long adventure through the entrepreneurial wild, season one is coming to an end. Chris and Alan discussed some great topics that should surely set you up for your own adventure! Let’s recap some of the best episodes.

Episodes one through three are all about Chris and Alan’s upbringing and how they decided to dive into the world of entrepreneurship. “It’s all in the Plan” episode included various tips on how you should start developing the business. You can’t just write it down on a napkin and hope it works. A well-thought-out and developed plan will get you closer to success. Reaching out to other business owners and asking their opinion on your business plan could give a huge advantage as well. The last episode we’ll cover is “To Train or Not to Train”. Chris is all about training his wolf pack. You can’t have training every once in a while. It needs to be consistent. It should also include something about your culture, operations, and technical work. Listen to the full episode to get the rest of the season recap!

THANK YOU  for a great season one and hope to see everyone in season two!

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