The Small Business Safari

16: Mini Safari: It’s Not a Frisbee…It’s Using DISC for Your Employees and Customers!

Nope, we’re not talking about disc golf…

The DISC profiling tool is a great way to understand the behaviors of people. Chris uses this to his advantage within his small business. How? Well understanding the behaviors of your customers and employees can give you the leg up. Applying some of the knowledge to hiring employees helps but also can help place them more strategically in your business. Not only does this work with your employees but also helps when you have to interact with customers. One way to help you is Chris has created names for each profile of DISC. Identifying how that person will perceive you or your employees and adapting to it can ultimately lead you to get more business. Listen to the full episode to dig up the rest of the GOLD NUGGETS! Thanks for a great season one and we hope to see you in season two!

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