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16: It’s Not a Frisbee…It’s Using DISC for Your Employees and Customers!

Analyzing your employees’ and customers’ behaviors requires just a little research…

Chris and Alan wrap up the first season with analyzing behavior. “What does that have to do with anything for my business” you may ask. Well, actually a lot! Using the right tool helps. In Chris’s case, he uses the DISC Profile. This assessment has a series of questions about how you may act in certain situations. In the end, you’ll either be a Dominant, Influential, Steady, or Conscientiousness. Within these categories, it summarizes the type of person you are. Once you understand who you are and who your employees are you can be more strategic with their placement within your small business. I also mentioned you can use this with your customers! You may not be able to make them take a quiz before you interact with them but, you’ll pick up on the type of person they are. This allows you to adapt to who they are and ultimately you can win more business. Listen to the full episode to get the rest of the GOLD NUGGETS! Thanks for a great season one and we hope to see you in season two!

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