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120: How Seasonal Businesses Can Propel You up to the Mountain Top | Matthew Efird

Matthew left the corporate world with intention. He had a good job and a good boss, but wanted to be a good steward of his time and provide a legacy for his family. So he jumped into not only one business but two. He bought into the Mosquito Joe Franchise system while simultaneously starting a Christmas light installation company called Lighting Pros. While doing this, Mathew was able to crack the code on these industries' BIGGEST problems. One, getting consistent revenue annually and two, retaining employees for the long term. Listen to this episode, he proves, nice guys CAN WIN! Did you know our amazing voices can go beyond just the microphone? Yes, we have video! Subscribe to our YouTube channel here!


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(00:00) – Christmas Memories and Small Business Adventures

(03:19) – Engagement, Achievements, and Trivia

(11:37) – Legacy and Opportunity in Entrepreneurship

(19:09) – Starting a Franchise

(32:36) – Marketing Christmas Lights for Commercial Business

(43:53) – Building a Strong Company Culture

(53:08) – Franchising and Football Chats

(01:04:31) – Quiet Time for Productivity 

(01:15:18) – Marriage, Parenting, and DIY Lessons


Books Mentioned:

Creative Followership – Jimmy Collins


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