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119: Essential Tips for Recruiting in Home Services Businesses | Tina McKenna

Tina explained her company’s approach to recruiting by using a sales mentality! It’s interesting where she developed those skills. Tina built her toolbox while working in broadcast media sales and marketing consulting. Her company approaches filling in positions in the home services and professional services space using a well written job description, insightful culling of candidates and a structured interview process that works well with the applicant. Where she really stands out is being able to provide insight into the prospect. This process that Tina and her partner (Megan Ritchie) created allows them to place candidates in companies with HUGE success rates. Check out Qualified Applicants if you have a need! Did you know our amazing voices can go beyond just the microphone? Yes, we have video! Subscribe to our YouTube channel here!


Tina’s Links:

•  LinkedIn | @tinamckenna

•  Website | 



(04:59) – Filming TV Shows to Sales?

(11:10) – Career Transition and Opening a Business

(20:54) – Hire a Marketer, & Ask the Right Questions

(27:06) – Marketing Strategies and Client Stories

(39:33) – Starting a Recruiting Company

(49:43) – How to Market a Recruitment Company

(01:01:31) – Retainer Agreements and Hiring Challenges

(01:06:02) – Packers Fans and Favorite Books

(01:14:09) – Home Improvement Mishaps and Encouragement


Books Mentioned:

Tools of Titans – Tim Ferris

Rise and Grind – Daymond John


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