The Small Business Safari

1: Mini Safari: From Zero to Launch!

 Chris goes in solo…

 He introduces us to his other podcast format. The Mini Safari! These are short summaries from the previous episode, and it lets Chris reflect on what him and Alan discussed. These are great for the moments when you don’t have time to listen to the full episode. But! You are missing out on some fantastic stories. 

Chris really goes in depth of evaluating your environment. He was fortunate enough to have the “Springboard”. He believes he really took advantage of all his opportunities especially in school. 

Looking back on his skill sets, Chris knew he was competitive. He got this trait from all the sports he played. He tried to get his hands on any sport he could. He then reflects on all the skills he thought that would help, industry-based skills, didn’t help at all when getting into business. It was his competitiveness and perseverance that really helped him.

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